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Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources



Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources

Sustainable utilization of natural resources is one of the key issues affecting the basin especially in terms of benefit sharing.  LANABLA has identified forestry, fisheries, water, tourism, agriculture and wildlife as key areas that require intervention to enhance sustainable utilization of resources and promote benefit sharing.  In forestry LANABLA will support Energy saving technologies for communities living adjacent to the forest to ease pressure on natural resources which occurs when communities cut trees to make wood fuel.  

LANABLA will also support creation of a benefit sharing structures in forestry. In fisheries, it will undertake institutional strengthening, ensure Beach Management Units (BMUs) are structured, have standards in management of resources, and are effective in realizing their mandate.  In Water, LANABLA will support entrenchment of benefit sharing structures for WRUAs to ensure they get resources to realize their mandate. In agriculture LANABLA will assist farmers in promoting good agricultural practices such as sustainable pastoralism and smart agriculture. In tourism and wildlife, it will support development of benefit sharing structures to enable community members profit from protecting wildlife and safeguarding natural resources for enhancing tourism experience.